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 Lovell Manufacturing Incorporated is a family-owned, family-operated business, serving a family-oriented market. The origins of Lovell Mfg., Inc. date back to 1961. During that year, Ed Lovell suffered a fall on a job site as an ironworker. He fell two stories and shattered both heels. While he was recovering, Ed needed a way to support his family. During the 1960s, many crosses were being imported from Europe. Ed felt he could provide a better product to serve the local Chicago market by manufacturing crosses right at home. There in his basement on the South side of Chicago, Ed and his wife Lorraine began manufacturing crosses. On weekends and evenings, Ed was able to gain access to a machining shop on Western Avenue where he could fashion the 12-foot brass rods into smaller pieces to use as the foundation for the crosses. Through a network of friends and family, he found resources, subcontractors, and various suppliers, some of which we still maintain to this day. After Ed recovered about as much as he could from his injuries, he went back on the job as an ironworker. The income from his newly created business was not yet enough to support his family, so he continued to supplement his living by maintaining his job as an ironworker. Then, almost seven years after his first fall, a rebar structure fell and broke his leg. As fate would have it, by this time, Ed’s new business was able to provide just enough income on its own to support his family. While recovering from his second serious injury, the manufacturing business became Ed and Lorraine’s full-time endeavor and passion. We still serve many of those same loyal customers in Chicago, who were with us from the beginning and throughout the years. However, it is now the second and third generations of families relying on each other all of these years later. We are very proud, grateful, and humbled to have these same families still doing business with our family today. We strive to maintain these relationships and continue to build more with the many generations of families and businesses who know and who will come to know our crosses and our family.

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