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Crucifixes Risen Christ & Plain Crosses Orthodox Crucifixes  Walnut Risen Christ - Plain Cross
Walnut Crucifixes
 Exterior ( 6" x 12" or 7" x 14" ) Walnut Orthodox















Crucifixes Traditional Risen Christ Modern Risen Christ Masonic Emblems View All Inlays (Metal in Wood) Eastern Orthodox
Overlays (Metal on Wood)
These Exterior Crosses are available in zinc die casting or walnut. All 714 Crosses are available in zinc die cast only. All crosses have a curved back to fit with a casket and cellular strips for easy application. These Interior Crosses are available in solid brass at 3/16" sq. polished and lacquered, silver finished, or walnut. Any of these brass crucifixes may be made into a inlay set inside a 5/8" thick walnut cross.  All Interior and Exterior zinc die castings are electroplated and come in a variety of finishes. ( O-Bronze, C-Copper, S-Silver, and G-Gold) Interior ( 5" x 10" )
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Slim Line Sealers 7" x 14"
Walnut Orthodox Walnut Praying Hands & Plain Walnut Cross Walnut Modern Risen Christ Walnut Traditional Risen Walnut Crucifixes Cana (Wedding) Rings  Praying Hands & Plain Cross

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