Manufacturing in the United States since 1961.
LS510 LO510 LC510 LG510  LBS510 FC510 ASA510 ASAB510
LP510 LPS510 WS510 WO510 WC510 WG510 WP510 WFC510 LESZ59 LEOZ59 LECZ59 LES59 LRS510 LRO510 LRC510 LRG510 LRAS510 RS510 RO510 RC510 RG510 RAS510 PHS510 PHO510 PHG510 PHAS510 WRS510 WRO510 WRC510 WRG510 WGS510 WGO510 WGC510 WGG510 WPHS510 WPHO510 WPHG510 WLRS510 WLRO510 WLRC510  WLRG510 INWASA510 INWLO510 INWLRO510 INWRO510 INWPHO510 INWLPS510 INWLP510 TWP510 All Interior Crucifixes Corpuses, figures, & hands are plated zinc castings on a walnut or polished brass cross. All 510 polished crosses have a ring attached to the top of them for hanging. The walnut crosses are 5/16" thick All 510 walnut crosses have a hole on the back for hanging. Comes in a two piece gold gift box. Any of these brass crucifixes may be made into a inlay set inside a 5/8" thick walnut cross. If you prefer we offer metal hooks attached to the back of the wood for hanging. Feel free to order other combinations of our inlays. Just simply put “INW” infront of any of our brass 510s. Anything other than the WINLO510, WINLP510, WINLPS510, and the WPIN510, will be considered “custom,” and non-returnable.  LMS LMO

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