Manufacturing in the United States since 1961.
All Exterior Crucifixes Corpuses, figures, and crosses are all plated zinc castings. All 612 and 714 plated zinc crosses have stickers on a curved back for attaching them to a coffin. Comes in a one piece white box. Our 612 walnut crosses come curved with stickers on the back to attach them to a coffin. Corpuses are plated zinc castings on a wood cross. Comes in a one piece white box as well. We also offer a flat back with a hole on the back for hanging on a wall with a nail. (no stickers included) Just simply put “F” in front of “612” in our order number to order a flat back.( ex: WOF612 )
 LS612 LO612 LC612 LBS612 LBC612 LBG612 WS612 WO612  WC612 WASA612 WLO612 WLPS612  WLP612 WO5612 WLRO5612 WP612 WFC612 RS612 RO612 RC612  LGS612 LGO612 LGC612 WGS612 WGO612 WRC612 WRO612 WRO612 WRC612 LS714 LO714 LC714  LBG714
LPS612 LPO612 LPC612

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